by Donna Mazzitelli

Another turn of the wheel into a new year! This is the time to contemplate how we want to approach the year ahead, and the perfect time to set intentions and proclaim to the Universe the conscious actions and behaviors we intend to practice or adopt in the New Year. Intentions carry a higher vibration than resolutions. Intentions are about making a commitment to align our actions with our inner values. Living with intention is a practice and a responsibility.

As we have done in the past few years, it’s time to determine the Top Ten Green Intentions for 2016. I invite you to join me in these intentions, mindful of our commitment to our values, to Mother Earth, and to the health of our planet. Whether you’ve recently become aware of the impact of your actions or you’ve been at this for decades, making a declaration of your intentions grounds and locks them in. Many of these come from past years, because I believe they are worth repeating. This year, let’s turn these intentions into conscious, ongoing, lifetime practices:

  1. To the best of my abilities, I will consider each action I take throughout the day and determine its impact on the earth, my community, my family, and myself.
  2. I will shop locally, supporting local businesses in my community and locally-made products. This includes food purchases and my support of local growers and local restaurants.
  3. I will ask for a non-disposable cup, mug or glass when I go to a tea shop or coffeehouse. Alternatively, I will bring my own cup or mug along and use it. When I plan to stay at the location, there is no need for me to use disposable paper cups and plastic lids.
  4. I will make donations to organizations that support, preserve and work to improve the environment. I will research to find organizations that are focused on environmental issues to ensure that a large percentage of the donations they receive go directly to vital programs.
  5. I will reduce my at-home water usage by seeking out ways to conserve water. I will search out websites such as and organizations that offer suggestions for conscious actions.
  6. I will use a BPA-free plastic container or a reusable stainless steel water bottle that has a BPA-free liner. I will buy a bottle from a local store or vendor or online via companies such as
  7. I will stop using disposable plastic bags at the grocery store AND at department stores. I will keep bags available in my car, purse or backpack. I will acquire reusable bags from the stores I support or via online companies such as or
  8. I will become aware of the foods I purchase at grocery stores and in restaurants. I will buy products with the Non-GMO Project label or those that specifically state they do not contain GMOs. I will do my best to order dishes in restaurants made with organic ingredients, wild-caught fish, and ethically-raised meat.
  9. I will use less, or eliminate all use of toxic products in my home, including those products I choose for cleaning my home and my personal care needs. I will become more informed about what harmful chemicals are in products so that I can eliminate their use.
  10. I will pay my bills online AND eliminate junk mail. Going to paperless billing saves trees and eliminates the fossil fuel needed to mail those billing envelopes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that “44 percent of junk mail is discarded without being opened or read, equaling four million tons of waste paper per year, with just 32 percent recovered for recycling.” You can stop 75 percent of unsolicited mail by registering at the Direct Marketing Association website ( Within 90 days, most unsolicited mail will stop.

BONUS: I will strive to avoid over-consumerism. Before I make a purchase, I will ask myself whether I need something or want it. When I do need to shop, including at the grocery store, I will use a list and stick to it. And when I go out to eat, I will avoid super-sized anything. It’s better for the planet and my waistline!

Donna Mazzitelli, “The Word Heartiste,” is the owner and founder of Writing With Donna, where she provides writing and editing services, and Merry Dissonance Press, a book producer/indie publisher of works of transformation, inspiration, exploration, and illumination. Donna can be found at, and



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