Have you ever noticed how much stuff we have? Gadgets for this and tools for that, clothes we don’t even wear, the latest toys that sit unplayed with, and big houses filled with more stuff. We are jealous of other people’s stuff and tend to feel less than if someone has more stuff than us. So we end up working long hours just to buy more stuff, often using credit cards to finance our addiction. And then we fret over it and worry that we won’t be able to pay our bills so we work even longer hours. We live in fear that someone might take our stuff so we buy more stuff to protect our stuff. Recently, a friend took several boxes of old stuff to a local Goodwill. She was turned away. Turns out they were filled to the rafters with other people’s stuff and couldn’t take any more. We can’t even give away our stuff!

Let’s be honest, how much stuff do we really need? This issue of BellaSpark is filled with articles and information on how to enjoy the holidays without just focusing on stuff. From giving The Gift of Experiences, to finding the meaning in The White Envelope, to gifting a child in Nicaragua with an Oli-Bo-Bolly doll, baking cookies with your Nana or sharing your holiday traditions with family and friends, there are many ways to enjoy the holidays without all the trappings of stuff.

Our personal favorite, help fill the city with stars through Kristi’s Wish. By purchasing and signing a $1 Kristi’s Wish card at Fort Collins area Schrader’s Country Stores you can help provide support for children in need during the holidays. Proceeds from Kristi’s Wish will be donated to four Colorado organizations: Crossroads Safehouse, Child Safe, Boys and Girls Club and SAVA.

The greatest gift of all? LOVE. Give your love freely with compassion and joy. Share your light with the world and bring light to another. For the world needs the gift that is yours and yours alone.

Sending you my love this holiday season.




Sandra G. Malhotra is the Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Regenerate Magazine. She is just a little bit passionate about health and wellness being our birthright.