by Lynann Dunker

It’s good to crave some foods. Remember when you craved broccoli? How about Brussel sprouts? You probably can’t stop craving cauliflower and beets! No, you say?

Here are some tips and tricks to minimize those crazy food cravings and enjoy healthier foods:

Tasty veggies. Give your greens a makeover. Clean and cut them into bite-size pieces (or use frozen). Arrange on a baking pan, sprinkle with fresh or dry garlic and possibly another spice you like. Drizzle with a tiny bit of olive or canola oil and bake until the vegetables are bright in color and still a bit crispy. If you don’t like garlic, use a combination of your favorite spices. Remember, the tastier, the better.

Onion rings done easy. Slice an onion, dip the slices in egg whites and Panko bread crumbs. Place on a baking sheet and spray with cooking spray. Bake for a healthy version of your favorite snack. This method can also be used for chicken tenders.

Chocolate and sweets: Those late-night or middle-of-the-day hankerings only chocolate or sugar can soothe are sometimes best met head on with … chocolate or sweets. It’s said that to completely deprive ourselves of something until we’re ready to give it up is to invite complete deviation from our diet or healthy eating plan. Indulge a little without guilt and return back to your routine feeling satisfied.

Give yourself a break. Eat your protein-rich breakfasts, luncheon salads and veggie-thick dinners, but know that it’s alright to go out to your favorite restaurant or to a family get-together and eat some indulgent foods. You are doing your best to incorporate good food in your diet. We all need the fun foods as well as the good foods.

Remember, your body, mind and spirit will let you know what feels best for you. You’ll naturally come to a place where you eat to live because that is what we are intended to do. Allow yourself the time and space to be your best self through what you eat.


Lynann Dunker

Lynann Dunker is a certified angel card reader. She was a feature writer for Rocky Mountain Spirit Magazine and has been a free-lance writer for other publications. Lynann is passionate about the angels and feels it is her life purpose to bring a greater awareness of them to others. If you are interested in an angel card reading, you can contact Lynann at