by Lynette Chilcoat

The ability to see people, places or items clearly with the mind’s eye from afar is a skill inherent in some people. In others, the ability can be developed with persistence and practice.

Referred to as Remote Viewing, it involves the aptitude to be able to see what is happening elsewhere without any technological aid. Simply by using cognitive vision, a person’s intuition can be tapped into. A practitioner can see images of remote targets or hidden objects using the inner third eye, or using psychic impressions of smell, sound or touch.

According to Dr. James Burnett of Loveland, Colorado, a physicist by trade and lifelong natural psychic by circumstance, “Remote Viewing is a deliberate clairvoyant experience. It is a way to see not only the present, but also into the future and past.” Dr. Burnett is a master remote viewer, trained by staff of the Stargate Project, which used elements of remote viewing for United States military operations for two decades toward the end of the 20th century. From 1975 to the mid-1990’s, the technique was pursued by the government as a way to potentially zero in on remote targets.

Metaphysical phenomena, such as ESP, telekinesis, astral projection, and of course, remote viewing, hold a certain mystical draw, even among mainstream science. There has long existed a symbiotic relationship between the practical, logic-based side of scientific endeavors and the fringe element of the paranormal.

Burnett initially became involved with the process many years ago at the Esalen

Institute in California. “I was trained by two master viewers who had been part of the government program,” said Dr. Burnett. “Basically, they would ask if you could see this target. About half could do it; the others were simply frustrated. It all depended on the degree of natural clairvoyance.”

In the case of one of Dr. Burnett’s trials, a photo was placed within a sealed envelope and then he was asked to identify the image on the print. He drew a striking likeness to the mummified ice man in the picture. “I’ve been studying consciousness for 30 to 40 years and have been involved with psychic things since I was a teen,” continued Dr. Burnett. “The Stargate program was originally funded by the military as a handy way to extract data. Their best success rate was 75 percent but when I did it I experienced a 95 percent success rate.”

Dr. Burnett attributes his high degree of positive results to one thing: profound spiritualism. “The government didn’t take into account that a spiritual connection could improve the outcome,” added Dr. Burnett. “For me, spiritual acknowledgement makes all the difference.”

According to Dr. Burnett, the universe consists of up to 10 dimensions, but “we live in a three-dimensional world. There are astral planes beyond what we usually perceive and holy spirits that live there. In clairvoyant processes, different ways of experiencing our senses are manifested. Each of the other planes of existence have spirits on the other end providing assistance. And they like helping people when it is for the greater good of mankind.

“Now I choose targets that are for the greatest good of all, such as a historical site or some occasion with peace and love.”

Recently, Dr. Burnett presented a course entitled Mastering the Art of Remote Viewing at the Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Collins, sponsored by The Society for PSI Research and Education (SPRE). The presentation explored the idea of being able to view a target or the contents of a box halfway around the world. “I taught it because people want to know how remote viewing works and how to practice it on their own,” said Dr. Burnett, of the two-hour event. “You have to have your mind working in a particular direction for it to work well. Due to the amount of clairvoyant ability each person possesses, the results will vary. But, it is very good psychic training. However, in the civilian world, once you abandon military intelligence, the technique is more of a curiosity [rather] than providing something with a practical application.”

An excerpt provided by Dr. Burnett from his notes states: By my (Dr. Burnett’s) method of starting, the viewer only has to say: Please show me the target now and in present time. Please give me a successful reading. I ask this for the greatest good of all. And, I give you my love and thanks for your help.

The viewer does not have to otherwise identify the target or the envelope in any other way, except to specify the time of interest. 

there are other ways to do real targeting, such as stating its geometric coordinates. On Earth, that would be latitude and longitude. It is possible to view a location on Mars by using Mars coordinates.

We do not know how far we can see, perhaps outside the solar system if we can specify the location. There is no known limitation on working over distance for remote viewing or dowsing or intuitive reading.*

* Excerpt from an upcoming book presented by Dr. James Burnett through The Institute of Spiritual Studies, a not-for-profit organization owned and operated by himself, his wife, Julie, and two other collaborators. The book, as yet untitled, is due to be published by the end of 2015.

Lynette Chilcoat has been a freelance writer for nearly 20 years, regarding every current assignment as top priority. Each subject she addresses takes precedence in her life, aside from family, friends, pets and plants, whose presence remind her to lighten up.


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