by Greg Cortopassi

What if what you think about you bring about?

What if what you speak you spark?

What if you attract and energize what you focus on?

What if one of the most potent questions you can ask yourself is “What if?

I was first introduced to the concept of What if by a customer service training colleague, Mark Rosenberger, over 20 years ago. He introduced concepts in our programs with, “What if….” and “Great question to ask, by the way,” as he paused with a wink and a grin before introducing the subject. I was always amazed by how quickly people laughed and opened up. Since then I have found it to be a very effective way to introduce new concepts, open people’s minds, lower resistance and increase safety and buy-in.

What if asking questions is a life skill? What if a good question can attract to us the quality of life we desire most in our hearts?

In a culture that highly values information and knowledge, we have learned to formulate our opinions and verbalize our beliefs through strong statements of what is or what isn’t.

The downside is that this can limit and confine us to what we already think we know and believe to be true. We then end up defending and reinforcing our beliefs by hanging out with those who agree with us and being in opposition to those who don’t.

Statements of what we believe to be true are based on past knowledge and experiences. They are mostly close-ended and can be filled with hidden assumptions, projections and personal agendas by the person who is making them: ‘You are going to love this!’, or, ‘You will look great in this!’

Questions, especially What if questions, open and access the field of options and possibilities. Check it out for yourself. Read the following sets of statements and questions to see if there is a difference in the way you internally respond to them:

  • I don’t know; or, What if I did know?
  • I can’t do this; or, What if I could do this?
  • This won’t work; or What if this could work?
  • This is going to be a problem; or What if this is an opportunity disguised as a problem?

Notice how these affect your perspective or attitude.

  • I do not have what it takes to accomplish what I want; or What if I am a lot more powerful and resourceful than I have been led to believe?
  • I rarely get what I want in my life; or What if I am getting in the way of what I want most in my life?
  • Why is this happening to me? Or What if there is a hidden gift in this situation?

Some of my favorite What ifs are questions that evoke an exploration which take me out of my patterned thinking and responses into the potentiality of my inner wisdom, such as:

  • What if I identified the one thing that I could do that would have the greatest positive impact on my life?
  • What if I knew the next best step to manifest this change?

Other helpful questions are: How about? Is it possible? Could we? Maybe? Would you be willing?

Do these questions open up a new perspective and take you into a different direction of possibility? If so, does this question-oriented technique have the potential to shape your destiny in a more potent way?

What if an easy and effective way to influence your desired future is by asking thought provoking and heart opening questions?

Greg Cortopassi has started and led nine successful businesses. After 34 years as a professional educator, speaker and coach he has earned the reputation of being a highly effective Personal and Organizational Catalyst. For more information and to hear some What If recordings visit his profile on LinkedIn or contact him at



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