by Lynann Dunker

We are not only what we eat, but we are spiritually in tune related to what we eat. Foods and drinks provide fuel for life, but not all of them give us Life Force.

What is Life Force food? According to Doreen Virtue, a spiritual teacher, each food and beverage has a ‘life force.’ The highest Life Force foods are grown above ground in high sunlight. High sunlight is found in the tropics where longer growing seasons and an ample amount of sun ripens the tastiest fruits. Fresh pineapple, mango, guava and papaya have an amazing life force. Not only do you feel lighter yourself, but your ability to tune into spiritual intuitive abilities is stronger after eating them.

In addition, any fresh produce grown in lower sunlight conditions (most other growing locations), or underground (such as potatoes and carrots), have a slightly lower amount of life force though they are still healthy and vibrant choices for your diet. Also, breads made from sprouted grains have a higher life force than any type of ground or bleached flours.

Sugar and caffeine are said to have no life force. For that reason, they may actually block your ability to receive Divine guidance.

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Lynann Dunker

Lynann Dunker is a certified angel card reader. She was a feature writer for Rocky Mountain Spirit Magazine and has been a free-lance writer for other publications. Lynann is passionate about the angels and feels it is her life purpose to bring a greater awareness of them to others. If you are interested in an angel card reading, you can contact Lynann at