by Daniel Donovan

An excerpt from Daniel Donovan’s soon to be published book – Finding Your Inner Shaman

Simply put a shaman is a healer. We have so much judgment surrounding this word in our society. At this moment, despite what this word brings up in you, are you willing to open up to the possibility that you are a shaman? Everyone on the planet, at some point or another, seeks to help or heal others, but what would happen if we turned this same desire to help, heal and love others, inward? Throughout history there is an archetype that has been prevalent in spiritual practice, but the position has carried with it many different names. Some call it a priest or priestess, magi, pastor, medicine man or woman, or rabbi, but they have all served the same purpose throughout time. This purpose has been to guide others to their divinity and to provide physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Something happened though. Somewhere along the line we lost our divine right. Our individual power, sovereignty, magic, choice was directed outside of us. We have been taught to look outside ourselves for all forms of healing, and in turn, we have fallen into a very codependent and powerless lifestyle. We drudge through our day, visioning a future that is full of magic and splendor, but succumb to a lie that tells us we have no choice in the manifestation of our destiny, dreams and desires. We go to church and feel disconnected from Spirit. We visit doctors who seem to know very little about actual physical healing. We visit counselors and therapists whose answers seem to be in the form of a little pill. We buy self-help books. We go on diet programs, and experience little results. It isn’t that any of these modalities are “bad” or “wrong”, but the fact of the matter is this…they are all drawing us outward, not inward. What if all the practices that we truly want to practice were birthed from a deep power of choice that was conceived from the divine spark inside all of us?

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”   Albert Einstein

If everything is made of energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, then the Universe and everything in it is Infinite. You are an Infinite Being. Take a moment and really soak that in. How does this awareness feel? Does it restrict you or empower you? Everything this brings up can we go ahead and detach from at this moment…please? And just breathe in the truth of your Infiniteness. This may be contrary to what you have been taught in your religion, by your parents, society, government, doctors or friends, but this is an awareness that could change your life. If you choose it.

So if everything is energy and infinite, then that includes thoughts, knowledge, information, feelings and creative visions. And what if you could access all of that information from within? What if every physical cell in your body held the memories of all of physical existence? What if your emotions were not a prison, but were in fact a source of infinite wisdom and magic? What if your mind didn’t have to be quieted, and it was playground for all the visions, dreams and fantasies you would like to entertain? What if your spirit was connected to all things, without time and restriction? Sounds like fun right? All we have to do is turn inward and choose it. Your Inner Shaman is beckoning you to be found, and it’s not very far away!

Donovan has studied various forms of religion and spirituality over the past 18 years. These studies include:  Eastern modalities, Peruvian Shamanism, Lakota Sioux, Kundalini Yoga, and several Mystery Schools. By traveling the world he has gained a unique blend of teaching that incorporates practical practice with a deeply spiritual and inspiring perspective.




Sandra G. Malhotra is the Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Regenerate Magazine. She is just a little bit passionate about health and wellness being our birthright.