By Dawn Todd

More and more, women are being tapped for prominent positions in politics, government and business. In the last six months, GM appointed their first female CEO, following the lead of PepsiCo, IBM, HP and DuPont, who all have women at the helm as CEO. And the appointment of Janet Helm as first female chair of Federal Reserve leaves no choice but to acknowledge that the energy of feminine leadership is rising.

We’ve come a long way, and there’s still a lot of distance to cover as we raise a new generation of strong and powerful young women to express their own empowerment.

A recent survey of over 66,000 people worldwide concluded that two thirds feel the world would be a better place if men thought more like women. This marks a global trend away from the winner-takes-all, masculine approach to getting things done.

So many women have been caught up in believing that they need to perform using male energy; pushing, forcing, and “making it happen.” Not only is it exhausting but the struggle leads to less manifestation and more unhappiness.

Current business climate does not support women using their gifts, nor does it show women how to use their gifts, but once we tap into them, our lives will move and flow with greater ease and more bliss.

Once you embrace your feminine gifts, your work and your life will feel more on course; synchronicities will start appearing, opportunities will come along — and it’s just more fun.
The feminine way of creating is exactly how women make decisions naturally. It’s the map of how women in leadership make collaborative, inclusive decisions that express flexibility, empathy and cooperativeness, traits that are listed as feminine leadership characteristics in the above mentioned study.

That’s the beauty of the feminine — ease and flow. There are two ways to bring something into fruition. One is through a descending flow of energy, and the other is through an ascending flow of energy.

Men manifest using a descending flow, from the 7th chakra down to the first. This is the “intentional” and “think about it and create it” work model. It goes like this: You have an idea, and speak it out loud. You write affirmations and make sure they resonate with you. Then you take an inspired action and, in a perfect world, given no unresolved blocks, you create something. It’s a descending flow of energy from the top down, and it works. I’ve done it many times, but I noticed that I always had to keep priming the pump to sustain the results. Maintaining the experience relied heavily on the investment of my personal energy.

The feminine manifests in an ascending flow of energy — from the first chakra up. You have a feeling that something needs to change or that you’d like to create something. It starts in the lower body area, the second chakra/hara/womb/lower dantian. As you evaluate the idea, you decide if you have enough personal energy to embrace it now, and determine if you can really put your heart into it. Then you may have a conversation with a friend, a mentor or a coach, and during that conversation the vision becomes crystal clear.

It is not about actively making something happen as in the masculine way. Rather, it is surrendering to a process and allowing it to happen. The feminine way to create relies on feelings. It is not doing what we think needs to be done. It is trusting our intuitive guidance and aligning our feelings with our original feeling.

It’s like walking across a stream of water on stepping stones in a fog. We can only see the next step. For those of us who love to be in control, this way of being can be not only frightening but downright terrifying. It requires surrender and trust.

In a way, it calls for being “out of your mind” and not allowing the past to dictate what the future will hold.

Accessing deep intuition is easy; it’s our own internal guidance system. It has three basic positions:
1. YES – deeply satisfying, nourishing
2. NOT SURE – maybe, need more information, unclear, not YES, not NO
3. NO WAY, NO HOW – every part says absolutely not

Body sensation calibrates this GPS, and to really know what a YES feels like, we need to live there 60 percent of the time. It requires a YES ratio of 3:1. Take a minute to identify times in your life when you’ve really felt the difference between YES, NOT SURE and NO. What happened when you listened and what happened when you didn’t? Now think of some decision you’ve been struggling with. Staying centered in your body, how do you feel? Is it a YES, a not sure, or NO WAY?

The feminine is not about tips, tricks and inside secrets. It’s about creating from the fullness of your being. Who you are creates what you experience — let that be your expression of feminine leadership. The world needs more women who are willing to walk powerfully, intuitively and live their feminine intention.

Feminine Leadership Coach Dawn Todd empowers women to manifest emotional and financial freedom in a feminine, graceful and easy way. She’s the author of The Feminine Intention and CEO/Founder of Wildly Successful Women. Join the FREE Six Day Feminine Leadership Coaching Camp at www.powerfulprofitablefabulous. com



Sandra G. Malhotra is the Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Regenerate Magazine. She is just a little bit passionate about health and wellness being our birthright.