By Karen Richards

Through a series of synchronistic events in February of 2000, Renée Coltson found herself at a seminar on Reconnective Healing® led by Eric Pearl. Coltson was a Reiki master who taught internationally and had a successful practice working with people and animals. During the seminar she was introduced to higher vibration frequencies of energy.

After the seminar she scheduled her first client for a session working with these frequencies. Although he was completely skeptical, he made an appointment at his wife’s insistence. Coltson began the session with no expectations of the outcome. It was clear from the debriefing afterwards, however, that something amazing had taken place. During the session the client’s eyes had flown open twice so Coltson asked him about the experience.

He explained that it felt like her hands had reached inside of him and moved things around, lifting his liver. He was so shocked that he opened his eyes to see what she was doing, and discovered she was simply standing beside him, engaged in the energy but not touching his body. During the second experience he saw a bright white flashing light. He looked around only to discover that no such light was in the room. This client received several spontaneous healings that day, and Coltson’s life shifted dramatically. She describes that day, as “the day I moved forward from Reiki.”

Coltson’s journey has led her to work as an Associate Instructor, leading the animals’ program for Reconnective Healing® worldwide. She also has a private practice and

offers sessions for both people and animals in person and at a distance.

On a bright sunny day this past fall, Coltson conducted a workshop at the Edwards Foundation for Rescued Animals, a large animal sanctuary in Parker, Colorado. The class was filled with new practitioners of Reconnective Healing® who were drawn to this workshop because of their connection with animals. The morning offered practical information about interacting with animals using common sense, caution and neutral compassion. Coltson emphasized that the less you know about the animal and its history, the better. This allows you to move out of the way, to come from the heart and not the head, and to avoid consciously directing the energy.

Just as with working with people, when you assist animals it’s best to go into a session without any expectations or anticipation of possible outcomes. One of the differences in working with animals is the importance of understanding animal behavior and doing your homework prior to working with a species with which you are unfamiliar. It is also important to understand any issues such as aggression, nervousness, or shyness to assist with how you approach the animal. She stressed that in some instances distance work will be more appropriate and therefore asking questions prior to scheduling a session is crucial.

The class headed to a large barnyard containing some smaller corralled areas. As we walked through the barnyard we saw several goats, llamas, two burros and a horse. The horse, named Goldie, was led into the small corral by a rope lead. Coltson began her demonstration by opening up to the frequencies of the field then sensing the feedback in the body of the horse as she moved her hands. All the while, she was looking for what is known as a “register,” which, according to The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself by Eric Pearl, “…is an involuntary physical or physiologic response to the frequencies.” These highly responsive areas are then called connection points.

The energy of these high frequencies flow through the practitioner as they open to the field and are received by the animal. According to Coltson, “The Field is infinite intelligence and energy from which all things proceed… It is the invisible fabric infinitely connecting the totality of all that is… This deems all life interconnected, interrelated and interdependent.”

Coltson emphasized the importance of taking part in a seminar so that you can be taught by a qualified trainer of Reconnective Healing® and thus gain a deeper understanding of the process as you fully connect with these frequencies and experience playing in the field.

Following the demonstration, the new practitioners strolled throughout the barnyard working with the animals. I was drawn to the two burros, a black one named Hannah and a tan one called Sugar. They moved throughout the barnyard together, never getting closer than four to six feet to any person. I had earlier learned from Lynda, one of the sanctuary owners, that the two burros avoided human contact and only came out at night to feed after the volunteers had gone home. Hannah now seemed more accepting of humans, but Sugar still remained hand shy.

I positioned myself in the barnyard to observe the interaction between a practitioner and the black burro, Hannah. As the practitioner opened up to the frequencies of the field, it was literally palpable. I was about to witness something that I never expected. Hannah drew closer, followed by Sugar. Hannah was now only inches away as the practitioner continued to connect. During this time my attention was so focused on Hannah that I had lost sight of Sugar. Suddenly I felt something nudge my hand and looked down to see Sugar right next to me. I gently placed my hand on her back and she allowed me to stroke her mane. It was an emotional moment for me as I realized I was witnessing something truly remarkable.

Coltson explains that, “We want to bring this healing to the other citizens on this planet.” In addition she claims, “This interaction with these frequencies in the field is going to allow the vibratory rate of this plane of existence to shift and evolve to a higher vibration for us to go into the next paradigm.”

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