By Linda M. Potter

Twelve years into a successful medical practice in Los Angeles, “Chiropractor to the Stars” Eric Pearl suddenly found himself center stage, cast in the unfamiliar role of Miracle Healer. The bizarre series of circumstances that led to the discovery of powerful Universal healing energies was chronicled in his 2001 bestseller The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. Now, in a much-anticipated follow-up work, Solomon Speaks: On Reconnecting Your Life, Pearl shares new channeled insights (from an extra-dimensional intelligence called Solomon) that were received during sessions with patient and co-author Frederick Ponzlov.     

Pearl, whose books have been translated into 36 languages, and whose work has been endorsed by metaphysical rock stars like Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, has made it his life’s mission to share what he’s learned. He’s appeared on numerous television shows, including a 2013 appearance on Dr. Oz, has spoken at the United Nations and presented to a sold-out house at Madison Square Garden. He spends most of his time now living out of a suitcase, he says, travelling the globe and teaching The Reconnection work. To date, 75,000 people worldwide have taken the training. 

The story behind Dr. Pearl’s rise to internationally-recognized healer status, however, reads a little like the logline for a 1960s sitcom. While picnicking on a southern California beach, unsuspecting chiropractor Eric Pearl encounters a gypsy card reader named Bubbelah who talks him into paying $333 to reconnect his body’s meridian lines to the grid lines on the planet (which connect to the stars and other planets). Numerous strange occurrences ensue that change his life forever.

Just how crazy his backstory sounds isn’t lost on Pearl. But every bit of it is true. After two sessions with a card reader, his life really did change… quickly and dramatically. It was sometime in August of 1993. He remembers it was on a Thursday, but confesses that he’s not sure which Thursday. “It irritates the !#* out of me that I can’t recall the exact date. It doesn’t help,” he laughs, “that there were five Thursdays in that particular August!”

Linda M. Potter: I know you’ve shared this story hundreds of times, but could you recount for us what transpired after your sessions with the card reader?

 Eric Pearl: I was awakened in the middle of the night by very bright lights. It wasn’t anything seemingly spiritual — it was just the lamp next to my bed. I had that lamp for a good ten years and it hadn’t selected any other propitious occasion to turn itself on. But what was even odder was that I had a very strong feeling that someone was in my house, and I was being watched. I got up, found a knife and a can of pepper spray and, with my Doberman Pinscher, I hunted through the house. Finding no one after about 15–20 minutes, I decided it was just my imagination and went back to sleep.

On the [following] Monday, I went into my office and seven of my patients, independently of one another, [and knowing nothing about what had happened at my house a few days earlier] insisted that they were feeling strange “people” in the room with us as we worked.

Other patients said they could feel where my hands were even when my hands were inches, feet, or yards away from them. When I held my hands near them, their muscles would go into involuntary movement; the muscles in their forehead or chin would ripple the way water ripples when you drop a pebble into it. Their fingers would move, their arms and legs would jerk.

When they opened their eyes, they reported seeing colors they’d never seen before, smelling fragrances of flowers they’d never smelled before.

Then they started reporting healings, REAL healings. Some of them were getting up out of wheel chairs. Some reported that their hearing returned. Some patients were coming in days later with laboratory results showing their cancerous tumors had vanished. 

  Children with cerebral palsy or epilepsy were able to walk around and play and speak normally, not have seizures, not need their medications. Their doctors would call and ask me what I’d done. And I’d say, I didn’t do anything. And I’d add, Don’t tell anyone about all this!—which worked about as well as Nancy Reagan telling people to just say no to drugs.

What was happening was incredible. I sometimes joke that I went home on Thursday thinking I was a doctor. I came back in on Monday and I was something else. (He laughs.) My parents always told me I was something else, but this was probably not what they had in mind.

 LMP: Have you ever asked yourself “Why me?” Why was I chosen to receive this healing gift?

 EP: I sure have. Who would pick me for this!?  I wouldn’t. I know my faults and weaknesses. I like to party — whatever you drink, I’ll out-drink you. I have a sense of humor. I tell off-color jokes. I’m not the most patient person in the world. I appreciate some of the nice, materialistic things in life. And I’m not going to give them all up. And so I used to think, Why me, why me, why me?

But then it occurred to me that I do have the ability to talk about this subject (which is more than just a little bit on the fringe) and make it sound sufficiently plausible to people who wouldn’t otherwise be open to it. I could talk to the people who were living on the beach wearing turbans and eating food that looked like bowls of dirt with chop sticks, and I could also talk to doctors and researchers because of my position and [medical background].

But, I would also laugh and say, well, all right, you can look at me with all my shortcomings and say, If this guy can do it, I can certainly do it. And the truth is, people CAN look at me and say, With all the things that piss me off about Eric Pearl, if he can do it, well, really, I guess I can do it too!

LMP: In your new book, Solomon Speaks, Solomon shares powerful information about who we are and why we’re here. If you had to distill the message that Solomon relays down to a couple of main points, what would they be?

 EP: One of his main points is that we are here to learn compassion, to recognize that we are all one. Since we are each a holograph — an expression of God, of Love, of the Intelligence of the Universe here on the planet — when we reconnect with ourselves, we recognize that. Maybe 2013 is the year to stop looking so much at what makes us special, unique and individual and find that egoless place inside ourselves that allows us to ask the question, What makes us all the same?

Can we recognize that when one child cries in one part of the world, 100 children weep in another? That when a little child laughs, a thousand children exalt with laughter? We are that connection. It’s like the sun. When we look at the rays of the sun, we see them as individual rays, yet each ray contains the hologram of the entire sun itself. Each ray has its unique aspects, and yet it’s of the same source, the same light. We each contain, I believe, a hologram of God, and when we can allow ourselves to recognize that, no, we are not God itself, but that we are each a whole life expression of God, we can learn to recognize and honor that in others; we can start to see ourselves in them. When we reconnect, what we’re reconnecting with is our wholeness.

LMP: Is The Reconnection similar to other forms of energy work, like Reiki, for example?

EP: No, it’s very, very different. All these energy healings, old and new are techniques of energy. They each allow us to access different aspects of energy. One technique has us focus on one part of the energy, the next technique on another part. It’s like with a telescope; you can focus in on the Reiki stars, the Jin Shin stars, the Qigong stars, but at some point our soul yearns to see the whole Universe, the larger picture.  

Our little bubble in this vast, endless universe is comprised of height, width, depth, and size and the interior has the energy. When we use techniques we focus on portions of energy that has always been here. But, time is moving faster in all directions at once. Time is expanding; our bubble is expanding. As it expands it begins to encompass more of what’s always been outside of the bubble of time, but which is new here to us.

Healing techniques are like training wheels on a bicycle. If you have a young child, you give him training wheels so he can begin to [safely] discover balance. Once they master the bicycle with training wheels and access their balance, do you give them a third, fourth or fifth set of training wheels? Of course not. You remove them. Otherwise they will never master the bicycle itself. It’s the same thing with healing. We have not been placed here on the planet to master energy healing techniques. We’ve been placed here to master healing.

 Just as the gift of the training wheels is only truly received once we remove them, the gift of the energy healing techniques is only truly received once we transcend the technique itself. Reconnective healing is not another energy healing technique; it is not a technique at all. It’s the key to transcending the technique.

Once we release the training wheels of technique, it takes us beyond the entire sea of energy and expands into a spectrum of light and information that hasn’t been seen here before.

LMP: Solomon’s message is spoken directly to you, Eric Pearl. But how does it apply to the rest of us, particularly people who don’t believe they have your healing gift?

EP: The message was presented directly to me in a “package” so I would receive it. But it wasn’t spoken to me, Eric Pearl the human being; it was spoken to me Eric Pearl (who happened to be at that moment) a portal of delivery.    

We are all struggling and working so hard to become worthy enough, good enough, perfect enough to be healers. And I really believe that one of the things we’re here to discover is that we can never do anything to become worthy enough, good enough, perfect enough to be healers because we already are that by virtue of having been born. We can’t become the one thing we already are because we are already it!

We are each being offered the opportunity to carry this new level of consciousness onto the planet. Solomon’s message speaks to each and every one of us individually, saying this is your time to bring this into mass consciousness.

LMP: We all love hearing about miraculous healings. But why is it that one person experiences a healing while another does not — even though both people are working with the same practitioner, using the same information?

EP: Some of us may need our health challenges for our own life lessons. The time may or may not be appropriate for someone to have the particular healing their limited, conscious, human mind desires. There are always lessons to be learned, and some of us are ready to learn certain lessons and some of us are not yet.

It isn’t true, however, that healing work only works for some, but not others. It works for everyone, but in different forms. Our judgment comes in. We may say that if we get a certain result, it’s a success; if we don’t get that result it’s not a success. That’s really us saying that we understand the mind of God, the perfection of the gift. Maybe it’s not about whether or not the healing was a success, but whether we allow ourselves to see the success in the healing.

LMP: What are your personal goals for getting this information out and involving more people in The Reconnection work?

EP: If I accomplish what I believe that I’m here to do, this consciousness will continue far beyond my time here in a physical body. But it will only continue if enough of us understand it and can communicate it to others. As we become Reconnective healing practitioners, we recognize that our role is not only just to do the healing, but to educate others so they can share it as well!

Dr. Pearl will be teaching a Level I/II Reconnective Healing Seminar in Denver, September 13–15. For more information about Dr. Pearl, The Reconnection and upcoming events, visit

Linda M. Potter is a writer, popular speaker, and the author of If Only God Would Give Me a Sign! available in selected bookstores, on her website (, at and Linda is also the Managing Editor of BellaSpark Magazine.



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