By Katrina Pfannkuch

Talking with Charlie Morgan, affectionately known as Uncle Charlie, is like talking to a funny, light-hearted, go-with-the-flow uncle of your own. The big difference is that Uncle Charlie has a beautiful ranch located near Black Hawk, Colorado, on a remote part of the Arapahoe National Forest, with a slow, flowing spring of some of the purest, highest-vibration water in the world. Water that heals whatever ails you.

“Smart people come here. Once they try the water they know it’s unlike anything else. It takes your pain away –- sunburn, digestive problems, chronic pain from illness or car accidents, whatever is bothering you; it takes the pain right away. It’s healed my chronic health problems and given me so much more energy,” says Morgan.

How it All Started

Uncle Charlie’s water started out as more of a curiosity than an intention. Morgan bought a small five-acre plot of land with a partner during a trip out to Colorado in 1999, one of many plots that made up a family homestead split among several members. Once he took ownership of his plot, Morgan became curious about a natural water spring he happened to notice while walking on the property. He decided to have the water tested for drinkability and, to be safe, he ran the complete panel of tests available.

Morgan was surprised to find that many professionals weren’t even able to read the report. In fact, they couldn’t begin to explain what was on it. Jock Belle, co-founder of Trinity Springs Water, was the only one able to help. Trinity Springs is geothermal spring water, also considered a natural mineral dietary supplement, so Belle’s experience enabled him to shed light on two very important things about the spring water on Uncle Charlie’s Ranch: just how old the water is (over 30,000 years), and what is actually in it — nothing but pure, clean, untainted water.

Today, Morgan and his wife run a ranch focused around the natural spring water. The ranch, which now includes all the remaining plots from the prior family owners, is located on sacred Native American land that was fought over twice, eventually taken over by American settlers who started a mining town called Wideawake. Not surprisingly, it’s also the brand name of the water bottled and sold at Uncle Charlie’s Ranch.

The Liquid Gold Known as Uncle Charlie’s Water

Wideawake spring water is untouched by radiation, acid rain, nuclear fallout and trace minute water pollutants that exist in 90 percent of the world’s water sources. It’s a naturally-structured living water that provides maximum hydration faster and more efficiently than any other water. It helps cells become permeable by releasing toxins and allowing more nutrients to be absorbed to fully hydrate all the cells in the body.

Water comes out of the spring at about 2-3 gallons per minute. According to geologists, the water is triply distilled, contains only calcium, fluoride, magnesium and sodium, and holds a perfect pH of 7.0, which is considered maximum potency.

When people consume or soak in Wideawake water, they begin to notice significant health benefits almost immediately. It’s very rejuvenating due to the low TDS (total dissolved solids) that hydrate and wash the deep tissues of the body, and also facilitates better lymphatic drainage of muscles, joints and skin. An Ayurvedic doctor has analyzed the water and found properties of a Mica and Mercury Bhasma “1000 times burned”, which means it carries the highest potency properties and medicinal effects for rejuvenation and reversal of aging. In short, the water helps reactivate the fluid between the cells and fully hydrating them quickly.

“A lot of the health problems people have are associated with lack of proper hydration”, says Morgan. “In fact, one 10-ounce glass of Wideawake water has the same level of hydration as 10 gallons of the average quality water. The water also carries a vibration higher than your body and tastes so amazing and pure. It doesn’t change the taste of anything if you mix or cook with it.”

The other benefits? No radioactive tritium (found in nearly all of the world’s water supplies since the advent of nuclear testing), MTBE gasoline additive, fertilizers, pesticides, or any impurities at all. This could contribute to the water’s incredible ability to detoxify the body.

Location, Location, Location

At 10,000 feet elevation and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, Wideawake comes from a unique and rare granite-quartzite formation called water rock. The theory is that this special rock filters the water before it reaches the surface, making it some of the purest, natural water available.

In the case of Wideawake, geologists believe the water was deposited into stable bedrock, likely pressure fractured “water rock” that does not dissolve. “Water rock” isn’t found in many places but this rock apparently was laid down tens of thousands of years ago on Uncle Charlie’s Ranch.

When you come to visit the ranch, just walking through the gates you can feel a change in vibration. “Whether you drink it, fill some up in a glass bottle to take home or soak in a heated tub of it for a few hours, you can immediately feel the pain go away,” adds Morgan. “Our water can be a really important piece of the recovery process, just like it was for me.”

Want to sample some of Uncle Charlie’s water? Here’s how:

  • Come and bottle some straight from the spring (glass only, to maintain pure properties)
  • Bathe in it (in a wood-fired, rustic tub). Schedule ahead!
  • Try the all-natural crystal hydration spray for the face, made from harvested frozen crystals from the lake (winter only)
  • Order a sample box of water
  • Camp overnight on the ranch
  • Just come hang out and chat with Uncle Charlie



Katrina is a creativity consultant, intuitive writer and Reiki Master. She loves guiding people as they tap into their unique gifts and passions, and supporting them while they incorporate new creative insights into their career, business and life.




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