by Tara Zeller

All energy exists as frequencies of vibration including our bodies, our thoughts and emotions. Receiving high vibrational energy from quality water, sound, food or emotion, will help our cells, bodies and minds to thrive. The optimal expression of our life, passion and physical health is facilitated through the high vibrational energy with which we create and resonate.

Our children are also impacted by their environment and by our frequency of vibration. Their physical health, their emotional expression and their intelligence is formed through resonating with the environment, as their brains and nervous systems constantly sense, perceive and assimilate information both consciously and subconsciously. This includes the vibrational patterns of caregivers (emotions and thoughts), the health and vibrancy of their food (organic, unprocessed and pure), and the vibrancy of the water.

Thought patterns and emotions of those around them, whether positive or negative, also influence children. If we feel fear, they feel the vibration of our fear and their bodies will integrate that information into their cells. Such information from low frequency emotions or thoughts can manifest as dis-ease. We must be careful that we are not teaching our children to manifest dis-ease in the same way. We have the power to create ease or dis-ease in both ourselves and our children.

Our physical existence and our reality is limited by our senses. When we become immersed in the world of our senses, thoughts and desires, we lose awareness of any sense of beingness beyond our physical body. When we make the passage from formless existence into physical form, we are coming from a high vibration of pure divine essence into the density of life on Earth through the womb of our mother.  As a result, we manifest though the vibrational patterns of our mother’s reality. As we continue to grow, the various frequencies of our environment, including our parent’s life expression, our nutrition, and our education are all integrated into our cellular and mental perceptions.

From a purely academic understanding we know that during pregnancy, a mother’s energetic and emotional state has an impact on the baby in her womb. During the prenatal period the mother’s emotional wellbeing and stress levels directly affect the development of the fetus’ brain and nervous system development. The size of the baby’s nervous system, its biochemical composition and the baby’s ability to learn and express appropriate emotion are all impacted. When a woman experiences stress, there are high levels of stress hormones in her body. A baby’s exposure to high levels of these hormones during pregnancy can lead to changes within the developing nervous system that can persist throughout the lifespan of the child. The human brain begins development three weeks after conception, and it is very vulnerable to the physiology, emotions, and energetic expression and resonance of the mother.

What can you do? Be with children in a way that creates a presence that allows them to create within themselves a vibratory pattern or imprint that nourishes the divine being that they are. Through our own awareness, we can create greater awareness in our children. By becoming aware of our own selves, we can help our children evolve into their own greatest potential. Do not create an illusion of what that might look like for them. Children already have in them the innate intelligence to become their most divine selves. When we attempt to control, it creates a low frequency that can manifest as discord and dis-ease in the family.

Our job is to nourish, feed and encourage that innate divine energy to come forth with power and passion in our children. It is not us that create it. It is not us that molds and determines the course of our children’s lives. Our job is to love completely, empower completely, sustain and feed the divine expression in our children. And we are the ones who receive the blessing and joy of being witness to the unfolding of a divine being in human form. They are not ours, they are their own. Drop the illusion that they belong to you, and then you are truly free to love with intensity and passion in a way that uplifts and enlightens the next generation.

Children are the new evolution of humanity, and they come into existence as a pure divine spark, complete with all of the innate cosmic intelligence of life. They are pure being and pure essence of source. Through the experience of coming into physical form, distortion from that truth begins. It does not change the pure essence that children are. The distortion of the life experience shrouds our true essence, and the certainty of our divinity becomes less clear. Let’s have clarity about our own divinity so that we may be a high resonance and presence for our children. We shall be steady in our emotional and mental bodies, be vibrant in our physical bodies, and care for our children in a way that they are free to resonate with grace and love. We and our children have the potential to be completely liberated in our reality, and to expand in the potential of what it is to be a human right now in this precious time on Earth.

Dr. Tara Zeller D.C. and Alignment Chiropractic and Wellness Center are located in Fort Collins, CO. Dr. Tara’s passion is to assist in creating the health and vibrancy that is innately within you by bringing balance and alignment to your body and energy. She provides chiropractic care, bodywork and nutritional counseling.


Sandra G. Malhotra is the Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Regenerate Magazine. She is just a little bit passionate about health and wellness being our birthright.