by Phyllis K. Kennemer

Every human being has a unique spark of consciousness and every one of us is interconnected, even to the galaxy within which our planet is suspended; we have the right to be happy, healthy, and to have an equal opportunity to rise to the highest expression of Self.

~adapted from The Declaration of Consciousness

“We have won! Consciousness has won a long war after so many battles through the history of humanity.” Thus began The Declaration of Consciousness announcement delivered in London on December 21, 2012, as part of the European premiere of the movie, “3 Magic Words.”

The Declaration of Consciousness was drafted by eight people from different cultural backgrounds. Tapasyogi Nandi from India and Michael Perlin of the United States invited others they knew were involved in consciousness movements to meet together in Joshua Tree, California, in September 2012. Other co-writers included Melissa Athens, Martin Perlin, Athena Castaldi and Laura Fox of the United States; Vitaly Safarov and Bell Beatrice of the United Kingdom; and Gudni Gudnason of Japan. Together they wrote the manifesto and agreed on two ambitious goals: they want to gather ten million signatures and, secondly, they plan to present the document to the United Nations.

The gathering of signatures began on the day of its announcement in London. The core founders of the document and those attending the ceremony signed at that time. The original Declaration of Consciousness was then placed in the world’s largest esoteric library, located in the Damanhur Community in the Piedmont area of Northern Italy.

The Declaration has now been translated into 58 languages and is circulating worldwide. The public at large is invited and encouraged to add their support through signing electronically on the organization’s website.

The Declaration of Consciousness is a call for all the people of earth to come together in love and unity. As part of this process, the document supports the following principles:


  • The settling of disputes based on inalienable universal human rights.
  • Honoring the feminine.
  • Respect for the elderly.
  • The ending of all wars.
  • Encouragement of love for all people regardless of their race, religion or culture.
  • The protection of our planet through changes in energy systems.
  • The reduction of consumption to avoid pollution.
  • New systems of ecological and sustainable distribution of resources.
  • The provision of benefits of the world’s resources more equally to all peoples.


Two historic documents served as starting points for the coalition who wrote The Declaration of Consciousness. The first was The Declaration of Rights enacted in England in 1689 to protect individuals and the parliament from the tyranny of the monarchy. Thomas Jefferson then referred to this document when he wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The momentum for recognition of basic human dignity has been building for over 300 years and the critical mass in the consciousness of humanity is rising. The time for action has arrived.

The creators of the Declaration are dedicated to elevating the overall consciousness level worldwide. The movie, “3 Magic Words,” produced by one of the authors, Michael Perlin, lays some of that consciousness-raising groundwork. The documentary film is based on ancient mystical teachings and spirituality. Perlin explains he was searching for something simple and easy to understand that would tie together all the spiritual teachings from all cultures. He feels that religion divides and spirituality unites. The movie is about self realization and using that power to change yourself and the world.

Maura Hoffman, co-producer of the film, states, “The film is an experience. It invites you to ask yourself who you really are and to look at your purpose here.”

Showings of “3 Magic Words” also offer opportunities for people to sign the Declaration in person. The next presentation will be on August 15 at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado, during their Arise Festival. Another showing is scheduled for the Bhakti Festival on September 5 in Joshua Tree, California. The film and Declaration then travel to Mumbai, India, on October 3.

The Declaration of Consciousness is an Intent of Action. It is a powerful symbol of the consciousness of all humanity. The Declaration activates the adoption by the United Nations, the signatures of global leaders and of all peoples. It is a representation of all global consciousness movements. We are One in Action!

The Declaration of Consciousness

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for humanity to dissolve the prejudices, which have separated them from each other; it is the right of the people to declare, by the powers of the Earth, to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, a new global shift in consciousness.

The time has come for a Declaration of the rights for all humanity and all earthly Life.  We call for action based on our inalienable rights to live on a safer, cleaner and more peaceful planet. The doors are now open to finally secure these rights for all living beings and humanity regardless of race, religion or nation affiliation.

We, the peoples of the Earth declare:

• Every human being has their own spark of consciousness and every one of us is interconnected, even to the galaxy within which our planet is suspended; we have the right to be happy, healthy and to have an equal opportunity to rise to the highest expression of Self.

• Every life form is an aspect of the One; thus any harm of any living being affects the energetic integrity of the whole.

• A call for change wherever edicts, power structures, belief systems, cultural superstitions and monopolies cause imbalance, suffering, disharmony or injustice towards sentient beings or the natural world and to end all wars between nations and people through principles of non-violence in the settling of disputes.

• The Right to Spiritual Liberty and the Right and freedom of all Human beings to explore and pursue higher consciousness according to their own mode of choice; as long as it is respectful and harmless to the rights and well-being of others.

• The Right to our survival as a species on the very planet that gives us life and protecting that planet by shifting its inhabitants to the consciousness of love, peace and unity.

• A unified effort to prevent and end harassment, discrimination and prejudice based on race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation and end all limitations and discriminations in the workplace or in the political systems.

• The re-awakening of our connection to the Divine Feminine aspect of our consciousness and to honor the feminine in our society, in all living beings and in our Great Universe.

• The honoring, loving caring and respect for our Elders. They are now who we will one day become and their lifetime of wisdom can help us on our journey through life.

• The Right to make the changes necessary in our habits, energy systems and consumption in order to reduce or avoid pollution and to support and create new systems of effective ecologically sustainable distribution of resources; and to share them more equally, render them more accessible and provide their benefits more uniformly to all the world’s people.

And for support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we pledge to each other, our Divine rights, One Earth, One Consciousness, indivisible, with Spiritual Liberty, and Divine Justice for all humanity.

To take part in history in the making and sign the Declaration:  



Phyllis Kennemer

Phyllis understands that although change is a constant in our lives, there are times when it seems like CHANGE will overcome us. At those times, we need tools to help us make conscious decisions. Phyllis searched for the program that would facilitate change and chose to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and now has certification in life coaching, social and emotional intelligence, motivation and weight loss. You can learn more at or reach her at 970-622-0858.