by Tracee Sioux

Time to Hit the Reset Button

For me, 2012 was rough waters. It was a year of significant, and difficult, changes, including establishing a new family dynamic after a divorce while facing down my 40th birthday. As the new year began, I knew one thing: my soul was weary. I needed a reset button. Maybe you could use one, too.


A week-long SpiritQuest retreat in Sedona, Arizona turned out to be the soothing salve that quenched my soul’s thirst. SpiritQuest is the manifestation of Ed and Katherine Preston. The purpose of SpiritQuest is to provide an opportunity for healing and soul awakening. The spiritual tour company focuses on individualized personal and couple retreats. The individual format allows flexibility with participants’ budgets, time, spiritual needs and preferences. Whether in a life transition, suffering a trauma, or desperately trying to mend a fractured relationship, participants are asked to fill out an extensive questionnaire which allows the SpiritQuest staff to design the optimal spiritual experience for each person or couple.

Long considered a spiritual Mecca, Sedona has capitalized on international appeal with Jeep tours to “vortexes” crowded with camera-snapping tourists, a strip of tourist-centric tchotcke shops and discount fortune tellers chosen from a catalog in a trade that feels rather like an escort service. In contrast, the Prestons offer their clients something authentic, healing and spiritually transformative.

The Prestons create an individual itinerary that  includes sessions with massage therapists, relationship experts, life coaches, horse whisperers, intuitives, meditation coaches, Shamans and yoga instructors.

Release, Declare, Rest

To activate a true reset button there must be a ritual of release and declaration. My first session was with Barb, a life coach and healer, who took me to the bank of Oak Creek. As the river burbled past, we discussed what I wanted to  release.  For me, it was old beliefs and habits, old relationships and ties to people that were no longer serving my highest good. These were written on cigarette papers and burned, symbolic of letting go. An ending is always a beginning, so there was a claiming and declaring ceremony as well. I was given an essential oil, specially mixed by Katherine Preston, to inhale as I declared my intention to receive what I needed during my stay and to follow my Soul’s path. The oil served as a sensory reminder of my intention, meant to ground me if I wandered off course. I drew an oracle card, a five-point star signifying Illumination, to set the tone of my retreat. Throughout the retreat I drew the same card from different decks with various practitioners.

Weary as I was, my body and soul eagerly surrendered to the experiences provided. I released completely in a deluxe hot stone massage on a bed of crystals at the hands of Adele, a talented masseuse, horse whisperer and crystal skull collector. I experienced a profound unwinding of my soul during an hour of meditation instruction, plus a good stretch in a private yoga class with Breanna. I connected to God in an intensive breath meditation session with Amalia. I received a 20-minute energy reset with Bobbi, a 70-year-old woman who taught me the four-breath meditation which she credits for the fact that she looks 50, though she lives in the desert. I hiked up the red rocks to look out over the breathtaking vistas of Sedona with Ed while he gave me useful insights that I’m still pondering. During a chakra clearing session with Katherine, I released chakra-blocking beliefs and feelings, cut spiritual ties with people from my past and created new, better ties with significant others. I sat at the feet of Anahata, a spiritual teacher, and opened myself to new parenting techniques that just might work. I was privy to a new software program, Stephan’s Mirror Soul Gate Reading, which combines the personality prediction traditions from Mayan and Chinese astrology to numerology to create a15-page report intended to help me accept my soul’s characteristics and its work.

And I rested. I thought that I would think, make plans, accomplish overdue tasks and have profound insights. Instead, my mind was blessedly silent. Relieved of responsibility and demands on my time and energy, my mind stilled.

Life Reset.

SpiritQuest also hosts cruises and international travel, as well as periodic group retreat experiences. For more information: or call 928-282-2509.

Tracee Sioux is an Authentic Power Life Coach helping people to attract miracles and manifest magic. She is, author of Love Distortion: Belle, Battered Codependent and Other Love Stories; and blogs at Contact her at




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