Cheryl Rennels

Blessings have the power to change the world. Unbelievable? Okay, then let’s simplify things and start with you. Blessings have the power to change you and your world. This may sound oversimplified, impossible or idealistic, but scientific research proves that blessings have a positive impact on the quantum energy field that is part of and around us. Scientists have confirmed what angels have stated in documented appearances: the power of blessing alters reality.

Lynne McTaggart explores the science of intention in The Intention Experiment, and demonstrates that thought is something that affects humans, animals and even plants. We are all aware on subtle levels of the thoughts and feelings others have of us. As a part of the quantum field, we become entangled through our invisible consciousness. Quantum entanglement is most powerful when subjects are in close association because their invisible connection always remains in contact.

Some of you may have read The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. In this book, photographs illustrate what words, music and thoughts can do to water. I was able to experience this firsthand when I was a part of an actual blessing of water. In a workshop conducted by G W Hardin, I tasted the unblessed water. Then G W instructed us to bless the water as the angels had taught him. We then tasted the blessed water. I could taste the difference immediately. In The Masters Return, edited by G W Hardin, Joseph Crane writes, “Others described how the chemicals were quite evident in the unblessed water while not present in the blessed water. Still others described how smooth and spring-like the blessed water tasted. Many stated that the blessed water actually tasted sweet while the unblessed water tasted flat or dead.”

By now, you may be saying, “So what, this isn’t new.” No, it is not new. There seems to be certain times and places where sending a blessing feels natural and even expected. It is common in places of worship or if someone is in emotional need surrounding a death or an illness. But most of us don’t stay in this place of awareness every day. We have good intentions but our ordinary life and emotions get in the way.

When we experience fear, anger or any other dysfunctional emotion, the energy or frequency of the situation and of those involved is diminished. The same can be said about judgment. When we first see someone, we form an immediate visual opinion of that person. That conscious or unconscious choice we just made about that person changes the energy of our connection. Do we really think we know what someone else needs? We make a judgment based on our thoughts and feelings. In truth we do not know what anyone else needs. Some people may bless someone when they think they are a brick shy of a full load, and say, “Well bless his heart.” But this quick message can come from judgment, not from an open heart.

So how do we stay in the place of blessing from the heart? One way I’ve found helpful is simple everyday reminders that I can see, feel and touch. Last week, I was having a most frustrating conversation with a contractor’s assistant. When I got off the phone, I remember thinking how sorry I felt for her because she was very slow in tracking the numbers. I was doing quite a bit of muttering to myself and then I saw the reminder to bless on my desk. I asked myself, “Who are you to judge this person?” I immediately blessed her, myself and the situation, thereby discharging the emotion. When she called me back in five minutes, we had a very amicable and productive conversation.

Choose to be conscious and keep simple reminders in your everyday life. Don’t save up all your blessings for a time of peace and quiet. Your day may be 24 hours of chaos. The Intention Experiment reveals that, “The universe is connected by a vast quantum energy field. Thought generates its own palpable energy which you can use to improve your life and, when harnessed together with an interconnected group, to change the world.” To change your life and the world, simply bless and leave the rest.

Cheryl Rennels is a business woman and rancher in Livermore, CO. She expresses herself by fashioning simple everyday reminders to simply bless. Created after she experienced a deep personal loss, her Bless Your Heart product line includes jewelry, clothing, books, animal charms, mugs, water bottles and paper products.




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