By Donna Visocky

Ok so we’ve “Awakened,” what’s next? We don’t doubt some sort of shift has occurred, we can feel it deep inside, but bottom line, the world still looks pretty much the same. We have been learning, connecting, transmuting, and releasing for several years to help us get to this point, but it feels like we are still walking in a 3D world.

How do we navigate this new multi-dimensional experience?

What can we expect over the course of the year?

What do we need to know now?

We have entered new energies and a time of great creation never before experienced in the Universe. We are the creators.

The questions are: What do we do with it? How do we do it?

The good news is we are not alone on this journey. There are many beings of higher dimensions that are guiding and supporting us on this path.

For the first time ever in Colorado, we have gathered together four amazing presenters who have committed themselves to being clear communicators and voices for guidance from higher dimensions. The guides speak through each of these individuals to give us specific information on how to live with the higher frequencies we are embodying. They will share the big picture, insights, techniques for multi-dimensional living and revelations of the New Earth.

Saturday: Jim Self 

What Do You Mean the 3rd Dimension is Going Away?

This new Shift in consciousness is presenting both exciting opportunities and confusion. Many aspects of what we knew as third dimension are gone. The rigid electromagnetic fields, the glue that has held us locked into the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that something was wrong with us, or that we are not accepted, are no longer in place. This is one of many wonderful results of Dec. 21st, 2012. New foundational patterns and reference points have been put in place. However, new, especially without an instruction manual, can sometimes be confusing. Nevertheless, new tools, skills, and enhanced abilities are necessary to move comfortably into these new energies and opportunities.

For the last five years, Jim Self, the co-creator of Mastering Alchemy, has been explaining this “Shift in Transformation” as well as what will occur after the Shift. He has also been teaching the tools and skills required to assist each of us to move through this transition and into a fully conscious fifth dimensional awareness as it unfolds.

Jim will teach a very full day of Energy Management Tools and Skills, expanding your ability to “Know yourself”. These are not tools and skills you have learned in the past. They will include:

  • Building the internal Personal Power Field
  • Re-establishing the geometry of the Octahedron, which stabilizes the aura
  • Distinguishing between the energies of “Who you Are” and “Who you are Not”…but have been pretending to be much of your life.
  • A simple tool that keeps everyone else out of your space, allowing you to focus on you and your intentions
  • Learning to manage your walking around space from the Higher Mind
  • The energy of “Words” that create the stepping stones and platforms into the fifth dimension
  • And what is a dimension anyway? And why it is important to know this answer.
  • Would you like to experience 90% of the speed of Light and then live your life from there.
  • All of this leads you to enter the Sacred Heart, learning to consciously live in the calm smile within the Heart.

All of this is the natural alignment of who you have always been but have forgotten. It is simply remembering Who You Are… and then living it.

Sunday Morning: Lee Harris

You as Creator and Pioneer

You are a creator and a pioneer in your life and the lives of others, and we are now in a greater ‘birth-time’ for these roles. As we shift between dimensions in our individual journey, we dance between the lower and the higher floors of each stage of living until we stabilize a new ‘norm’. Yet with greater knowing of the territory of the 5th dimension, you not only stabilize faster – you can begin to harness and co-direct it.

During Lee’s time with you, he will talk about the energies of 3rd-5th dimensional living, aspects you will notice on the transition journey and what and how to harness.

Lee will also answer your questions and channel the Z’s, with the focus on strengthening and identifying your 5D aspects while activating the speed and greater ease which 5D living holds for all of us.

Sunday Afternoon: Geoff & Linda Hoppe

Walk Like A Master, Live Like A Master

Live channeling with Adamus Saint-Germain

The energies for your creations, abundance, health and well-being are more available than any time in human history. But if you’re walking with your eyes cast down on the ground you’ll probably never realize it. Even with the vast magnitude of energies all around us, for most people tomorrow will be pretty much the same as today because they’re not willing to walk like a master, and claim their divinity.

In “Walk Like a Master, Live Like a Master,” Geoff, Linda and Adamus will present practical tips and tools for moving beyond the grayness of mass consciousness, into higher-consciousness, graceful life. You’ll be invited to participate in discussions with Adamus, as well as personal experiences to realize how easy it is to Walk Like A Master, and to Live Like a Master.

Saturday, April 6   9am – 5pm

Sunday, April 7   9am – 5pm 

Tickets: $195 Early Bird (before March 23)   $229 After

Omni Interlock Hotel

Broomfield, Co



Sandra G. Malhotra is the Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Regenerate Magazine. She is just a little bit passionate about health and wellness being our birthright.